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Gymleco 251 Triceps Pushdown

Gymleco 251 Triceps Pushdown

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More about the gym machine

This is a very effective exercise machine which uses a standing pushdown movement for the triceps musculature. It offers you high stability with its back rest. You also get a better stability and ergonomic movement when standing up during the exercise and therefore a better effect on the triceps musculature.


Special features

This Gymleco machine is equipped with a loop on the floor beam for attaching an exercise belt. This to provide you with additional stability. Gymleco machines are always designed in high quality materials and compact design. Thanks to this you can fit more gym equipment at your gym and optimize your surface. Our machines resist heavy strength training year after year. 


Included with the triceps machine & special features

Included with the gym machine is one high quality triceps/biceps handle in premium steel. You can also add on weight to your weight stack if you want heavier training on this triceps machine.


Important information

The machine must be attached to the floor or supported in another way.


Cable stations

Single stations




110 cm


70 cm


223 cm


126,5 cm

Weight stack

60 kg

Exercise types

Strength training

Shipping & Returns

Customers wishing to upgrade to'Delivery and Installation'please contact us directly on 01782 978978.

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