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225 Cable Crossover Multi Gym

225 Cable Crossover Multi Gym

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More about the gym machine

The multi gym has two pulleys on each side with adjustable height. With these you can do a number of different exercises for both upper and lower body as well as core. You can also use both of the pulleys to perform very effective chest training. Adjust the height and change the handles to be able to do different exercises. The low-set weight stack gives a much greater range of motion so that all chest and shoulder exercises can be performed freely. 


Special features & add-ons

The gym machine can be used for a range of different workouts including rehabilitation. The belts, that are our patented Powerband™, run over the double ball bearing wheel which gives you an extremely light and smooth movement. The start-up load is also vert light so that anyone can start training with the cable cross. T save further space, you can add a chin-up bar on the middle beam (article 110k, see picture) for chin ups and other exercises. Two handles are included with the multi-gym but you can of course add more from our large selection. See all our handles here. All of them work with our cable machines. You can add on weight to your weight stacks if needed and decrease the weight gap between weight plates. Contact us for more information. 


Important information

The machine must be attached to the floor or supported in another way.


Technical specifications & Documents

Cable stations

Double stations


308 cm


58 cm


225 cm


258 kg

Weight stack

60 kg x2

Exercise types

Strength training

Shipping & Returns

Customers wishing to upgrade to'Delivery and Installation'please contact us directly on 01782 978978.

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